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Is it worth starting an aesthetics business?

Is it too late to get into Aesthetics?

One of the most common things medical professionals ask us: “Is the aesthetics market oversaturated in the UK?”

Healthcare practitioners who want to either supplement their income or convert to medical aesthetics are quite concerned about this, but is this something you should worry about?

When we’re thinking about this question it is important to take in the whole background to the current state of play in the market.

In the UK, there is little to no regulation governing who may practise aesthetic medicine. This has made procedures far more accessible and affordable to some. However, these are typically administered by untrained (or at least non-medically trained) injectors in dubious clinical settings!

As a medically qualified practitioner, you have a huge advantage over a large section of the market practitioners out there. More and more, patients are becoming aware of the risks and complications that can arise from using non-medically trained practitioners. They are seeking out proper expertise so that they can be reassured they are in safe hands…and they don’t mind paying for that reassurance.

While the sector is more competitive than it was in the past, it’s still rapidly growing with ever more people seeing it as part of their normal routine to have these procedures. By concentrating on the important elements of your business (safety, expertise, great service, the right target market, etc) you will stand out from your peers and other practitioners.

On top of this, there is an ever-growing political pressure to regulate the industry which would change the sector overnight and lead to an even greater surge in demand for medically qualified practitioners.

The future looks good.

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